Inform and strengthen your digital marketing strategies with Google tools that help you explore consumer trends and insights

  • Shopping Insights

    A robust tool that helps you gauge trends by city, region, and season with search volume data for more than 6,000 products and services.

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  • Google Trends

    A real-time resource to help you gauge consumer search behaviors and gain key insights into your competitive set. See spikes, troughs, and trends with clear, colorful graphics.

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  • Display Benchmarks

    Get up-to-date industry benchmarks for your display campaigns. Filter by country, vertical, ad size, and ad format.

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  • Consumer Barometer

    Explore the role of online sources in the consumer journey—from consideration to purchase—across more than 45 countries and 10 product categories.

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  • Test My Site

    Most mobile sites lose half of their visitors while loading. See how fast your site is and get tips on how to make it faster.

  • Market Finder

    Market Finder gives you a head start on your international marketing strategy. It also helps you consider advertising solutions and the importance of analytics and measurement.

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